Current Online Classes


Music, Movement, and Mindfulness

Tuesdays 2-3pm via Zoom

Given the opportunity, people of all abilities can learn to develop greater body awareness, strength, physical and mental flexibility, confidence, self-regulation, and self-expression through yoga practice. The benefits of yoga are well documented. The practice inherently targets visual-spatial, gross motor, language, social-emotional, and executive function skills.

The intention of the class is for each individual to align with the best version of themselves by becoming stronger, more balanced, more flexible, and to feel more calm and relaxed. Each session is designed to accommodate a variety of learning styles through engaging, joyful, and experience based activities including:  interactive games, dancing, mindful movement, storytelling, singing, guided meditation, and breathing techniques.

All abilities welcome! DDD funding accepted! Email for details!

Virtual Speech Language Therapy Group

Teens and Young Adults meet Mondays 3pm-4pm via Zoom

Young Learners (suggested 7-11 years) meet Tuesdays 4pm-5pm via Zoom

Presented in partnership with Akhil Autism Foundation, this group focuses on building and expanding receptive and expressive language skills, executive functions, and social communication using multiple language modalities including speech, Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC), and typing. This interactive group adapts to the needs of the learners who participate and includes structured practice, movement to strengthen the brain-body connection, and parent coaching.

Register or learn more by sending an email to

Disney/Pixar Chat Club

Thursdays, 4-5pm via Zoom

Each week, participants will watch a Disney/Pixar movie leading up to Chat Club.  Students will have the option of completing a graphic organizer and/or creating art based on the movie.  Conversations and sharing will include discussion about characters, plot, setting, and the movie soundtrack.  Other activities may include:  movie trivia, sing-alongs or karaoke to the movie soundtrack, movement/yoga poses that are related to the movie, watching a Disney short film and discussing.

Social skills instruction will be infused into each class and will include:  promoting active listening, turn taking, responding in conversation, jumping in to a conversation, staying on topic, following directions, praising others.  Classes are designed to accommodate a variety of learning styles, and will be modified so that every student can participate.  

All abilities welcome! DDD funding accepted! Email for details!

If you have any questions about upcoming events, please contact us!

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